April 19, 2014

Welcome to Aion Guide Nut

Here you’ll find all the Aion online guides you’ll ever need! The game has a lot to offer, and finding everything you need to know on your own can be a chore. So instead of having to take time out of enjoying the game with your friends to go looking for information, we created this site to be a collection of relevant guides so you won’t have to go scouring the search engines for every little bit of knowledge available.

Read below for a brief description of what this site has to offer:

Premium Aion Leveling Guides

In this section of the site we focus on reviewing the often huge 100+ page commercial e-books available on the net. The best ones will end up on display in the above “Recommended Premium Guides” box.
If you truly want the best, most in depth information available, this is the way to go. The work put into creating these books make them the ultimate source of knowledge for any player of the game, new or old.

Aion Kinah Guide

Kinah is the currency of the game, and it’s important for being able to buy new weapons, armor, and other kinds of items and equipment. Earning it can be done in many ways and here are a few of them.

Aion Leveling Guide

Here we have free Aion leveling guides for the different factions of the game to help you get started on the road to becoming a powerful daeva.

Aion Crafting Guide

This section contains information related to the different craftsmanships of the game, for example; Weapon-smithing and Armor-smithing, Alchemy, Handcrafting, Sewing and Cooking.

Aion Title Guide

Titles in this game are different from other MMORPGs in that they actually increase your stats. Find out here which titles are helpful for what buffs, and how to receive them.

Aion Chanter Guide

This class is one of the most all-rounded in the game. Without the proper knowledge they can be harder to master, but for the player who knows what he’s doing, this class has the potential of being one of the most helpful in the game.

Aion Cleric Guide

Like the above mentioned class, the Cleric is a healer, and is well suited for group play as a supporting ally that can make or break your team depending on your skill level.

Aion Assassin Guide

When armed with the right skills and equipment, this one has the potential for being one of the best monster whooping classes in the game. Find out what you need to know to become a killer… well… assassin.

Aion Gladiator Guide

The gladiator really is a monster slaying terminator. But when faced with the challenge of multiple foes from different classes, it takes more than just hammering the attack button to come out winning.

Aion Ranger Guide

This class is mainly focused on ranged combat using bows and arrows, and excels at it. The negative side of this is that your character has low defense and can be tough to handle in some situations, like melee battle. But done right, you can come out alive from such a fight even with the ranger.

Aion Sorcerer Guide

The sorcerer class is less dependent on gear and more so on powerful DPS and long range spells and attacks. The negative side to this is the slow mana regeneration and as with the Ranger class, low defense.

Aion Spiritmaster Guide

Do you love pets? Than this is the class for you. Spiritmasters summon spirits with powerful attacks to do their bidding. This also leads to them being very dependent on good pets for different situations.

Aion Templar Guide

Just like the Gladiator, the Templar is a melee oriented class. The difference between them lies in their defensive vs. DPS orientation.

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